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Press Release
December 2008, n° 20/08

Immergas, always in the vanguard designing and manufacturing ecological and lasting products which guarantee remarkable economical advantages, launches on the market the new floor standing condensing boiler range with integrated storage tank called HERCULES Condensing...read more

Press Release
September 2008, n° 19/08

Immergas, leader company in the gas heating sector and always aware of environmental issues, launches on the international markets Victrix Zeus Superior kW, the new range of condensing boilers with built-in domestic hot water storage tank of 54 litres...read more

Press Release
September 2008, n° 18/08
Immergas, international leading company in the production of wall-hung gas heating boilers presents the new Zeus Superior kW. Zeus Superior kW are traditional, sealed room and fan assisted models...read more

Press Release
September 2008, n° 17/08
Immergas, world-leading company in the manufacture of condensing boilers introduces the new “VICTRIX Superior kW” range.
VICTRIX Superior kW are condensing boilers, available in 32 kW heat output, either as combi with domestic hot water (DHW) instantaneous production (VICTRIX Superior 32 kW) or as heating only model (VICTRIX Superior 32 kW X)...read more

Press Release
September 2008, n° 16/08
Inauguration of the Immergas plant in Slovakia
Following the commecial expansion of Immergas in the Eastern European countries, the company decided for the first time in its long history to delocate the production of some models of wall-hung boilers outside Italy...read more

Press Release
September 2008, n° 15/09
Brand leader in Italy.
The leader in Italy in the design and manufacture of gas boilers for domestic use, both in the sectors of traditional boilers and condensing boilers, Immergas is an affirmed organization that is also appreciated on international markets, both in Europe and the Far East, in constant growth and continuous expansion towards new foreign scenarios...read more

Press Release
July 2008, n° 14/08

Immergas and the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008
The Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing are forthcoming. On the 8th August this world-famous performance will start.
Always joined to the sport, Immergas is going to take part to Beijing 2008...read more

Press Release
July 2008, n° 13/08 

Nike/Eolo Star
Leader company in the production of wall-hung boilers, Immergas presents on the foreign markets the new range of traditional combi instantaneous STAR boilers...read more

Press Release
July 2008, n° 12/08

Solar Solutions
Always careful in projecting more and more eco sustainable products and exploiting renewable energy sources, Immergas introduces Solar Solutions on the foreign markets, the innovative and ecological range of pump-enhanced thermal solar solutions...read more

Press Release
June 2008, n° 11/08
Immergas widens its range of products launching on the international markets a line of steel panel radiators called IMMERPAN...read more

Press Release
June 2008, n° 10/08
Leader in Italy concerning the gas heating boiler and appreciated all over the world for the quality of its products, Immergas offers on the international market a new steel storage tank line called IMMERSTOR...read more

Press release
April 2008, n° 07a/08

Immergas, leader company in the gas heating boiler sector, presents the new range Mini kW Special.
The range Mini kW Special completes the offer of Immergas products in the traditional combi sector, presenting a new product with extremely compact dimensions and an advanced functionality...read more

Press Release
March 2008, n°07/08
Service Export
Immergas has always based its strategy upon considering the installer key role in the sale chain, as his position is right in between the company and the end user; the company therefore devotes conspicuous resources to installer dedicated training programs...read more

Press Release
March 2008, n° 06/08
Immergas offers an extremely wide range of products, from wall-hung to floor standing boilers, from classic to condensing technology, from water heaters to options to be delivered with the boilers.
Immergas does not just assemble boilers, it manufactures some of the components such as copper pipes and AISI 316L water tanks...read more

Press Release
March 2008, n°05/08
Research & Development
Immergas engineers, tests and finalizes all products via its own R&D dept., in co-operation with Sampling, Manufacturing, Assembling, and Testing departments...read more

Press Release
March 2008, n° 04/08
An additional Immergas strength is its Quality dept.
Since 1994 Immergas is a certified company (ISO 9000), and that testifies Immergas thorough respect for the international rules of Quality Assurance Systems, and its goal of improving management of all company processes, and constant general enhancement...read more

Press Release
March 2008, n° 03/08
Immergas is part of Immerfin Holding, which also has control over subsidiaries in UK (Alpha Therm), Spain (Immergas Hispania), Hungary (Immergas Hungaria kft), Poland (Immergas Polska z.o.o.), Turkey (Immergas Turkey), Slovak Republic (immergas s.r.o.), Romania (Immergas Romania), China (Immergas Beijing) and Russia (Immergas ooo ), which Immerfin controls 100%...read more

Press release
March 2008, n° 02/08
Immergas is subject to a major article on the online magazine “Industry Europe” (issue 18/02 2008).
In the article Immergas is introduced as one of the most important producer of  wall hung and condensing boilers...read more

Press Release
March 2008, n°01/08

Founded in 1964, Immergas developed from its establishment the highest specialization in engineering and manufacturing household gas boilers, today it is a constantly growing company, with a staff in excess of 700 people and a covered surface of more than 50.000 sq. meters...read more